Organise and Manage AWS Parameter Store


AWS Parameter Store is the part of AWS Systems Manager. It provides secure storage for parameters and secrets. And grant resilient availability. Let’s dive into it and see how to use it for micro-service platform.

Secrets managers

Secrets managers

The lure to keep connection string to the database in source code is one of the common mistakes. Keep secrets in source code even if sensitive data is encrypted that is a well-known antipattern. It can lead to issues like data breach by a malicious actor, losing or corrupting data by a non-authorised engineer with lack of knowledge. Passwords, tokens, keys, connection strings, and other sensitive information which are used by applications should be treated as secrets. There are several tools for AWS cloud that allows managing secrets for microservice oriented solutions.

Setup blog

Setup blog with hugo and Netlify

If you are interested to start your own blog then this article is for you. You will learn how to bootstrap a new static site with Hugo and deploy to Netlify free hosting plan.